Samstag, 27. November 2010

Di Brandt

Dise Fru haft daut Schriewe en Dichte em Blood. En bie Di Brandt es uck noch waut aundret benne, waut mie seea jefellt, waut Plautdietschet, wiels see es eene Jaunzes-Dochta (Diana Ruth Janzen). Soo haft dee Brauntsche tom Biespell en earem nieen Bok Walking to Mojacar schmock mett eare en aundre Sproake jespelt - en doabie mol wada vel jesajcht ewa onse Welt, wea wie send, en waut mie mett dem, waut wie habe, doone...

Daut Foto (bowe) hab etj mie bie ecclectica Arts utjelieht. Em Video (unje) last Di Brandt ut earem Bok Now You Care - fe woont see 2004 dem Griffin Poetry Prize tjreech. See es Professasche aune Brandon University mett besondre Oppgowe (Canada Research Chair).

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Walking to Mojacar by Di Brandt (Turnstone Press, $17)

Brandt celebrates her multilingual heritage in this ample collection. Her poems are translated into French, Low German (which family members sang while they worked the fields in Manitoba) and Spanish, the latter provided by Ari Belathar, a Mexican writer-in-exile now living in Vancouver. Brandt’s work depends less on language for effect than images. Longer works, chunked into dense paragraphs, are not as pleasing to the eye as the more elegantly lined short poems, but a tribute to the writer George Bowering and a meditation on the mass extinction of the world work exceptionally well. Hymns for Detroit and a variety of South America-inspired poems round out a collection with global reach. Located on the Andalusian coast of Spain, Mojacar is a Moorish village that today thrives on domestic and international tourism.